Prevention, friend of immigrant women in the city of Milan - "Projects for Women" Competition

Fondazione Bracco; Municipality of Milan; Opera San Francesco per i Poveri

Padiglione Italia Expo Milano 2015

Padiglione Italia Expo Milano 2015

In Milan, a network of institutions comprising the Municipality of Milan, Opera San Francesco per i Poveri, and Fondazione Bracco has tried to contribute by helping integrate immigrants into social processes.
The network put together a project to promote the materno-fetal health of immigrant women in the city of Milan, which has become a magnet for immigrants, whose population in the city has nearly doubled in the last decade.
The project targets a crucial phase in the lives of women and children: the first pregnancy.
Infections during pregnancy and the damage they cause to fetuses and newborn children are a cross-cutting problem that affects all women of childbearing age.
The only way to know the state of prevention of materno-fetal diseases in immigrant women is that of carrying out seroimmunological screening of pregnant women. These analyses are provided free of charge as part of the "Prevenzione Amica delle donne migranti a Milano" project, which targets vulnerable expectant mothers. This makes it possible to achieve a dual goal: supporting safe and healthy lifestyles while promoting a culture of prevention.

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