Prince Yi Gu’s Purple Dragon Robe

Early 20th century

National Palace Museum of Korea

National Palace Museum of Korea

This purple dragon robe is considered to have belonged to Prince Gu, the second son of Imperial Prince Yeong. It was a regular garment for a crown prince or grandson prince regent before coming-of-age. Its name, jajeokpo, is derived from the purple color of the robe and the round insignias carrying a dragon design. The four round insignias with four-clawed dragon in gold-foil printing are attached on the shoulders, chest, and back. This coat was worn with a jade belt, black boots, and hat of the soon-to-be crown prince before his coming-of-age ceremony and worn with the king’s winged official crown after the ceremony.

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  • Title: Prince Yi Gu’s Purple Dragon Robe
  • Date Created: Early 20th century
  • Rights: National palace museum of Korea
  • Medium: Clothing