Printing process, Kyoto karakami

Photo by Suzuki Yoshito

Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University

Art Research Center, Ritsumeikan University

To make karakami, the backing paper is coated with a sizing agent and then dyed with pigments and other materials. Next, white pigment or mica is dissolved and the pigment combined with varnish, glue, etc. The mixture is put onto a large sieve, which is gently touched to a woodblock so that the entire woodblock is evenly coated. The paper is placed on top of the woodblock and pressed with the palm of one’s hand to print the pattern. Since devices such as baren pads are not used in karakami-making, the quantity of pigment used and the amount of time taken to press the pattern depends entirely on the intuition of the artisan and their many years of experience.

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  • Title: Printing process, Kyoto karakami
  • Creator: Photo by Suzuki Yoshito
  • Subject Keywords: Woodblock, Glue, Shell
  • Type: Paper
  • Rights: © Karacho