"Put ZIP in Your Postal System" ZIP Code Video

Post Office Departmentmid-1960s

Smithsonian's National Postal Museum

Smithsonian's National Postal Museum

"Put ZIP in Your Postal System" ZIP Code Campaign Public Service Announcement Video produced by the Post Office Department, mid-1960s.

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  • Title: "Put ZIP in Your Postal System" ZIP Code Video
  • Creator: Post Office Department
  • Date Created: mid-1960s
  • Transcript: ZIP Code Film Transcript provided by Smithsonian National Postal Museum Narrator: This is Mr. Zip. He revolutionized the mail delivery system of the United States with his ZIP Code. The heart of the system is a number – a ZIP Code number. [Text]: 60639 Narrator: Let’s break this one down and see how it works. Each of these five numbers plays an important role. The country is divided into ten sections, and the first number represents one of these sections. In this case, the six stands for part of the Midwest. The next two numbers narrow it down. For instance, the oh six pinpoints Chicago. And the last two numbers? They indicate a final stop before delivery – a local post office. And here it is, the Elmwood Park branch of Chicago, our thirty five. It’s that simple. Call your post office with the ZIP Code numbers you need, and use them here and here for the fastest possible mail delivery. Remember, only you can put ZIP in your postal system. [End]
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