Putting dreams into action

Andi Meier

Urban Art Now

Urban Art Now

How can we work together to turn ideas into reality?

Putting things into practice rather than keeping them just as ideas. This is a principle that we learnt from Generation25: Skilled manual jobs and the issue of "DIY" are currently experiencing a revival amongst young people, and making things yourself is even nicer, more creative and more productive when you do it with other people. Communal spaces, platforms and rooms that can be used for this purpose already exist, such as the "DingFabrik", created by Alexander from Cologne. Together with a number of other people, the 29-year-old has created a space where ideas can be put into practice together or simply tested out for the very first time.
The "DingFabrik" is a non-profit association, a mixture of an open workshop, a maker-space and a fab-lab, where people can come together to use tools, computer-operated machinery and rooms to make products, have creative discussions and pass on knowledge. Alexander's primary aim was to establish a good infrastructure that would allow for the creation of objects in the major city of Cologne. "Some ideas only arise as a result of multiple different ideas coming together where a range of difference machinery, tools, materials and people are all available together in a single location. For example, a designer lamp might be created by a team of people working together using a mixture of origami, sewing machines, electronics, circular saws and woodturning lathes.
Generation25 knows just how important teamwork is, and this was also reflected in the #Deutschland25 discussion. In order to be able to develop new and innovative ideas, many heads are often better than one, and spaces that promote and support teamwork, such as the "DingFabrik", are also important.
"Collaboration can only succeed if we listen to each other. We can only contribute something new to the discussion once we have listened to other people's ideas." (Katharina, 19)
It's immediately clear that Generation25 is a huge fan of co-working. The intelligent comments and engaged responses support Alexander's vision, and illustrate the unspoken solidarity of the generation.
"Forming working groups online, where people don't need to log in via social networks. What a great idea!!!“ (Caspar, 19)
"With a common goal, shared willpower and trust, and the willingness to work together to make miracles happen!!!“ (Ferial, 15)
The comments indicate a thirst for action; Generation25 has no time to lose: don't just talk about it - let's do it!
"Be re-inspired every day, every minute, every second. RIGHT NOW, in the MOMENT, TOGETHER." (Jaqui, 21)
"Really do something and actually get started, don't just always talk about how something needs to be done." (Thea, 22)
Perhaps driven by Generation25, older generations too have started to understand just how beneficial "sharing" and "co-working" can be: "People who share ideas make it possible for other people to share in their success. The hardest challenges can only be conquered if we work together." (Sascha, 45)
Associations and workshops have existed for 25 years. But only since the emergence of the Internet has it been so quick and so easy for people with common interests to network – virtually, but also physically and, in particular, locally too. Knowledge and materials are also a lot more accessible today, as these can be ordered or searched for online, and this quick accessibility has also helped to break down obstacles. You don't need to be an expert to turn your dreams into reality. Now anyone can make their dreams come true. Curiosity combined with access to digital technologies and the willingness to share one's ideas with others can help to put these ideas into place. So: get to work! Generation25 will give us a real head-start in this field.


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  • Title: Putting dreams into action
  • Creator: Andi Meier
  • Type: Illustration