Quadripartite icon with Crucifixion

Unknown19th century

Maryhill Museum of Art

Maryhill Museum of Art

The figure in the lower left quadrant of this icon represents the Kazan Mother of God, a popular Russian image that miraculously appeared in 1579. She is considered the protectress of all Russia. Christ Pantocrator (Almighty or All-Powerful) is seen at upper left. The Mother of God Bogolubskaya (upper right) was first painted in 1157 at the request of Grand Prince Andrei Bogolubski. The image commemorates an appearance to him by the Mother of God. The Mother of God is here holding an unrolled scroll. Before her are eleven saints, including Bogolubski and various Russian hierarchs and holy fools. At lower right is St. Charalampos, a pious priest from Magnesia who was martyred in Antioch in Asia Minor in about the year 200. Four small saints appear in the lateral borders. At upper and lower left are the martyr St. Chrysogonus and the hierarch St. Dorotheos. At upper and lower right are St. Gregory and St. Mary Magdalene.

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  • Title: Quadripartite icon with Crucifixion
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date: 19th century
  • Location: Russia
  • Physical Dimensions: w17 x h20⅞ in (complete)
  • Media: egg tempera on wood
  • Credit Line: Collection of Maryhill Museum of Art
  • Provenance: Collection of Maryhill Museum of Art
  • Type: Devotional image
  • Rights: http://www.maryhillmuseum.org/discover/about-maryhill-museum-of-art/press-room/images-for-publication