Quilt with Love

Sophia Yu2011

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

In 2011, the world-renowned denim brand Levi’s® introduced to the world the concept of “Eco Love.”
Eco represents recycling, reusing, and re-creation. By combining arts and public involvement, the brand seeks to add an extra touch of environmental protection and reproduction to the existing brand image of sturdiness, stylishness and vitality. The idea of “bag it and bring it home” promotes products created from the back pockets of jeans by a group of people with mental disabilities. Any purchases out of generosity and kindness will provide their families with peace of mind.
The event “Quilt with Love” was made accessible to the public through the Internet and local schools. Love manifests itself in various forms against the denim backdrop. Its handmade texture of the jeans revitalizes the imagination and pieces together heartwarming images of love.

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  • Title: Quilt with Love
  • Creator: Sophia Yu
  • Date: 2011
  • Medium: Recycled Levi’s® jeans, threads, and fabric
  • Location: Levi’s® SOGO Zhongxiao 6F / Levi’s® Breeze Zhongxiao / Levi’s® SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI A11