Rampant lion with the emblem of Maricel

Pere Jou i Francisco1915/1920

Maricel Palace

Maricel Palace

"Miquel Utrillo I Morlius (Barcelona, 1862 – Sitges, 1934) not only projected and directed the renovation of the old hospital Saint John in Sitges and the contiguous houses that the American magnate Charles Deering bought.
He even chose the name for the complex and designed the emblem that identifies it.
He chose the name Maricel as homage to the dramatist Àngel Guimerà that entitled “Mar i Cel” one of his plays. For the symbol, he used an idea that he already employed for the cover of the book “Prayers” (1897), from his friend Santiago Rusiñol that represented a sunrise over the sea, but now more simplified, which you can find in different supports all over the Maricel complex.

This rampant lion, probably chosen due to his protector effect, that holds a medallion with the Maricel symbol, welcomes at the foot of the stairs of the palace, place where the exhibit a large part of Charles Deering art and antiques collection. It was carved by Pere Jou i Francisco (Barcelona, 1891 – Sitges, 1964) with the direct carving technique as a lot of capitals and gargoyles that decorate the ensemble."

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  • Title: Rampant lion with the emblem of Maricel
  • Creator: Pere Jou i Francisco
  • Date Created: 1915/1920
  • Physical Dimensions: 48 x 30 x 30 cm
  • Type: sculpture
  • Medium: Carved polychrome limestone