Range 4.8 million km. shot through clear filters of Neptunes rings.




Range : 4.8 million km. ( 3 million miles ) P-34648 This Voyager 2, sixty-one second exposure, shot through clear filters, of Neptunes rings. The Voyager cameras were programmed to make a systematic search of the entire ring system for new material. The previously ring arc is visible as a long bright streak at the bottom of the image. Extening beyond the bright arc is a much fainter component which follows the arc in its orbit. this faint material was also visible leading the ring arc and, in total, covers at least half of the orbit before it becomes too faint to identify. Also visible in this image, is a continuous ring of faint material previously identified as a possible ring arc by Voyager. this continuous ring is located just outside the orbit of the moon 1989N3, which was also discovered by Voyager. This moon is visible as a streak in the lower left. the smear of 1989N3 is due to its own orbital motion during the exposure. Extreme computer processing of this image was made to enhance the extremely faint features of Neptunes moon system. the dark area surrounding the moon as well as the bright corners are due to this special processing.

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  • Title: Range 4.8 million km. shot through clear filters of Neptunes rings.
  • Creator: JPL
  • Date Created: 1989-08-21
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