Raspberry Days

Wojciech Doroszuk2008/2008

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

Wojciech Doroszuk’s video Raspberry Days is a very visual and sensual story about the relationship between humans and nature. The artist takes us to Innvic – a little town in Norway, picturesquely situated on the side of a fjord. Every year, a small group of people come here for seasonal work picking raspberries and blackberries. There are also Polish people among them. The artist's camera precisely enters this place to reveal its landscape: variegated, sated with colours, rainy, foggy, sunny, seen through the silhouettes of trees, shown from a distance with a far away perspective, and then with a big close-up, framing leaves and ripening fruits. Somewhere there are bustling insects walking on the raspberries, somewhere the wind is blowing gently, and among the grass a sheep appears. Leaves are rustling, one can hear the sounds of birds. And in all of this, there are people gathering fruits, focused on their work like insects, becoming in an effortless way a part of nature. [P. Lisowski]

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