Rat's House

Laurina Paperina2014-10-25

Outdoor Project

Outdoor Project

Cat and mouse chasing each other. The old time classic form the cartoons world, treasure of childhoods, is re-lived through Laurina Paperina's fantastic and colorful fantasy in a completely new way: it isn't a chase any longer, a playful war, but it's a clear definition of characters and their identity. The big black cat finally grabs hold of his losing opponent in front of the mouse's den. The latter is mocking whilst holding a scythe, and saluting the spectator that looks into his den. The kind of salute and the invite to enter are concealing a dark sarcasm.
The bright colors and the bitter irony remove any link with the world of cartoons, perhaps revealing the true roles and identities of these beloved characters, their real being and condition.

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  • Title: Rat's House
  • Creator: Laurina Paperina
  • Date Created: 2014-10-25