Foto: AMHBronze Age

Hamburg Archaeological Museum

Hamburg Archaeological Museum

Both razors on display here are decorated with images of ships. Because of the north’s abundance of water, ships symbolized power and wealth as well as control over natural resources and long distance contacts, in short: knowledge of their world. Thus, the meaning of the ship changed during the Bronze Age to become a divine vehicle for the eternal voyage of the sun across the heavens. The circular symbol on the razor from Volksdorf represents the sun. The piece from Bockhorst shows a fish above a ship, flanked by snakes and the animal-headed prow and stern.

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  • Title: Razors
  • Creator: Foto: AMH
  • Date: Bronze Age
  • Location: Hamburg-Volksdorf and Bockhorst, District of Rendsburg-Eckernförde
  • Provenance: Archäologisches Museum Hamburg Stadtmuseum Harburg|Helms-Museum
  • Type: Razors
  • Medium: Bronze, Bronze