Reading Lady

Lin Fengmian

Long Museum West Bund

Long Museum West Bund

Lin Fengmian, born in Meixian, Guangdong province. He graduatedfrom National School of Fine Arts in Paris, France ( École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris ). In 1925 he returned to China and served as the president of the Beijing National Academy of Arts. In 1928 Cai Yuanpei appointed him as the first director of the National Academy of Art in Hangzhou. He began to settle in HongKong in the 1970s. He dedicated the whole life to amalgamating Chinese and Wertsern art traditions and the movement of Chinese painting art revolution. His publications are New Theory of Chinese Painting, Album of Lin Fengmian’s Painting, etc.

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  • Title: Reading Lady
  • Creator: Lin Fengmian
  • Type: Ink and color on paper
  • Creator's Dates: 1900-1991