Recesvinto´s Crown (The Guarrazar Hoard)

Toledan workshop7th century

Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Museo Arqueológico Nacional
Madrid, Spain

It is the main jewel in the most important treasure that appeared in Europe from the High Middle Ages: Guarrazar's Treasure. Crown offered by the Visigothic king Recesvinto (649 - 672) and the inscribed dedication shows the close connection between the Church and the monarchs. It is the work of the Court of Toledo royal workshop. The Byzantine kings used to offer gold crowns and crosses and precious stones to certain churches. The Visigoths followed the same example and this influence can also be seen in the artistic composition of these gems. A gold cross with precious stones also used to hang from the centre of suspension. These gifts were hung over the altar for important liturgical ceremonies.

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  • Title: Recesvinto´s Crown (The Guarrazar Hoard)
  • Creator: Toledan workshop
  • Date Created: 7th century
  • Location: Guadamur, Toledo, Spain
  • Type: Goldsmith
  • Rights: http://man.mcu.es/
  • External Link: CERES
  • Medium: Gold, Rock crystal, Gem
  • Provenance: Guadamur (Toledo)
  • Original Tittle: Corona de Recesvinto
  • Cultural Context: Visigotihc