Redhead girl

Jules Valadon

Mantova Museo Urbano Diffuso

Mantova Museo Urbano Diffuso

The Parisian Valadon well represents the prevailing group of painters who, in the second half of the nineteenth century, were the core of the current French art, far from the Impressionists’ innovations, yet creating meaningful works. Jules often attended the Paris Salon and was repeatedly awarded. He was therefore a well-known painter, artist of genre scenes, portraits, and still lifes. He was known for his desire to give his creations a thoughtful, romantic, and almost sad attitude. The painting that we admire here corroborates this style. The young girl, with a bohemian look, seems to meditate under a light that illuminates her from above, revealing all the beauty of her countenance and her hair. At the same time, the eyes open with a melancholy that contrasts with her youthful age. The brushstroke is extremely effective and traces the different details of the garment and the body with agility, vigor and an excellent sense of color. One cannot speak of Impressionism, because the approach remains fundamentally nineteenth century and conformist. This does not prevent Valadon, however, from perfecting a work of great effectiveness and wise sentimental vibration.

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  • Title: Redhead girl
  • Creator: Jules Valadon