Remains of the Convent of S. Francesco di Castelletto

Maddalena Bertani primary school

Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

In the second half of the thirteenth century, the friars of the order of the Franciscans erected on the slopes of the hill of Castelletto in Genoa a church that for several centuries was one of the most beautiful in town. After having been consecrated it turned to pieces, and finally torn down and forgotten. The aim of our work is to make students feel the sense of emptiness and the desire to fill it through the rediscovery of the artistic and architectural remains left that are kept within the building of our school and in the historic city center; we want them to be witnesses of the history of our territory. In particular, within our school, on the ground floor, there are some artistic elements that are part of the first cloister of the Convent. The walls of the cloister contain precious marble and slate tiles, columns and epigraphs from the 1300s. The site is subject to constant deterioration caused by infiltrations and stagnation of water.

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  • Title: Remains of the Convent of S. Francesco di Castelletto
  • Creator: Maddalena Bertani primary school
  • Location: Italy, Liguria, Genova