Residence No. 31

Lin Min-Yi2009

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation
Taipei, Taiwan

In this beautiful backyard nestled in the hassle-bustle Eastern District of Taipei City, what did you find?Above the trees, paths, fences, and lily ponds, several cone-shaped structures in various sizes protrude from the ground like dwellings of small creatures. Through imagination, artist Lin Min-Yi links the spaces into his creation Residence No. 31. A group of creatures of unknown identities build a world of their own in a casually selected natural environment. Like human and other creatures in the world, they uphold their rights to existence. Through his soft language of the arts, Lin Min-Yi presents his life philosophy, and through readily available materials and the existing environment, the artist makes an attempt to rebuild nature’s harmony and balance that have been largely destroyed by industrialization through metaphors in mythical stories or ecologies. It is an exploration of nature’s life cycles, the origin and development of lives, and the value and meaning of human life.

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  • Title: Residence No. 31
  • Creator: Lin Min-Yi
  • Date: 2009
  • Medium: Gesso, Linen, Colors
  • Location: Fubon Financial Center/Garden Footpath