Restoration Plans by Roderick Gradidge

Roderick Gradidge

Wilton's Music Hall

Wilton's Music Hall
London, United Kingdom

These are the earliest known plans for the restoration of Wilton's. The building was saved from demolition in 1965 but with no formal organisation tasked with repairing the structure. Roderick Gradidge was an architect known for his admiration of Victorian architecture with much of his work emulating the style. He created and restored a number of pub interiors. The plans for Wilton's are designed evoke a Victorian atmosphere but make subtantial alterations to the fabric of the building, including demolition of large volumes of the original auditorium walls and extensions around the majority of the building's perimeter. The plans, as many early plans, include a Museum of Music Hall and devote much space to catering facilities. The plan was never pursued into construction.

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  • Title: Restoration Plans by Roderick Gradidge
  • Creator: Roderick Gradidge
  • Date Created: 1967/1971
  • Location: London
  • Subject Keywords: Architecture
  • Type: Document

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