Returning To The Unitary State (1950)

Indonesia Fine Art Academy in Yogyakarta1973

Monumen Nasional‎

Monumen Nasional‎

The Netherlands recognized the sovereignty of the Republic Federation of Indonesia on December 2nd, 1949. The federation state was never the desired govermental system for Indonesia, but was, in fact; a result of a compromise forced by the Dutch. Indonesians across the archipelago consequently demanded the abolishment of the federation state and the reinstatement of Indonesia as a unitary state. Several federal states spontaneously declare their unification with the Republic of Indonesia which was part of Republic Federation of Indonesia. The struggle for reinstatement of Indonesia culminated in a deliberation, held on August 1, 1950, between the government of Republic Federation of Indonesia and the existing federal states. The deliberation resulted a decision to relinquish the federal state and to reestablish the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

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  • Title: Returning To The Unitary State (1950)
  • Creator: Indonesia Fine Art Academy in Yogyakarta
  • Date Created: 1973
  • Location: Monumen Nasional, Central of Jakarta
  • Publisher: Kantor Pengelola Kawasan Monumen Nasional