Rhythms of Life, Bolivia

Andrew Rogers2012-12-09/2012-12-09

Rhythms of Life

Rhythms of Life
South Yarra, Australia

A clip from the documentary 'Monumental Vision-Bolivia'. In Bolivia there are three stone geoglyphs reaching an altitude of 4,360 meters (14,300 ft). They are located six kilometers (3.7 miles) apart and are visible from one another due to the clear atmosphere at this altitude.
These geoglyphs were constructed with the help of 800 workers, most in traditional dress, many of whom were women carrying babies on their backs. Presence is derived from local petroglyphs of a shaman in Cerro Isipina, San Antonio, while Circles is inspired by rock art in the area of Betanzos.
On completion, an animal sacrifice was conducted as part of a Pachamama ceremony to consecrate the ground and the creation of the geoglyphs.

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  • Title: Rhythms of Life, Bolivia
  • Creator: Andrew Rogers
  • Date: 2012-12-09/2012-12-09
  • Location Created: Potosi, Bolivia
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