Royal Carriage of Joseon Dynasty

Joseon Dynasty

National Palace Museum of Korea

National Palace Museum of Korea

Yeon is a palanquin which was used for the king in Joseon Dynasty. Yeonconsists of a roof, a cabin, and poles. Rounded columns with painted dragons were erected at the four corners of frame. Angular columns were installed between the columns with railings placed around the lower part. Lacquer was applied to the surface of the cabin and various imaginary animals, such as baektaek, a mythical beast resembling a lion, and girin, a mythical horse-like animal, were painted in gold. All four sides of the palanquin were fitted with beaded curtains, and drapes were installed on the curtains for opening and closure. Tassels were tied on the loops which were attached to the phoenix decoration on the four corners of the roof. Gold-plated dragon head attachments were installed on the tip of the poles.

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  • Title: Royal Carriage of Joseon Dynasty
  • Date Created: Joseon Dynasty
  • Rights: National palace museum of Korea
  • Medium: Changdeok