Royal Throne, Luba group

Unknown author20th century (?)

Museum of Ethnology & Museum of Popular Art

Museum of Ethnology & Museum of Popular Art

Ceremonial wooden bench, its central body consists of a of a female figure sat on its legs, arms raised and angled, supporting with the hands a circular seat.

The work evokes the important role of the woman among the Luba as bearer of the spirits of the previous rulers and ensures the perpetuation of their memory.

The figure has: a strong neck and with a bead necklace, erect breasts, protruding navel, high and low tattooed belly, serene face, high and rounded forehead, eyes represented by cowries, horse hair eyelashes, hair tied in conical braid, mid-back, away from the body.

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  • Title: Royal Throne, Luba group
  • Creator: Unknown author
  • Date Created: 20th century (?)
  • Location Created: Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Physical Dimensions: 42.5 cm
  • Type: Sculpture
  • Rights: Collection: National Museum of Ethnology. Image: DGPC/ADF
  • Medium: Wood, fabric, shells, beads