Rug, Bench, Basket

Choi, Jung You (Collaboration with 40 LE LOI, Nguten Thi Rhung, Tran Thi Trien)2014-10-08

Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation

Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation

<artist statement>

A door is physical thing that divides the inside from the outside.
A door is also a psychological thing that connects the inside and the outside.
A door with directional nature is about communication after all.
As the physical and psychological boundary becomes blurred, it creates a landscape that moves in and out.

When I worked for the Asia Craft & Design Project, I got inspiration from Hoi An, Viet Nam for color and image. Using natural materials and applying a production technique used in Hoi An, I intend to suggest objects useful for everyday living in modern times. I reinterpreted the blind and rush sleeping mat used in virtually every house in Hoi An and produced objects for the modern lifestyle.

Dimensions:w1000mm x h 2000mm
Materials: Rush, Polyester

Dimensions: w 1250mm x d480 x h 480mm
Materials: Rush, steel, birth plywood

Dimensions: w 350mm x h 650mm
Materials: Rush, steel

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  • Title: Rug, Bench, Basket
  • Creator: Choi, Jung You (Collaboration with 40 LE LOI, Nguten Thi Rhung, Tran Thi Trien)
  • Date Created: 2014-10-08