Ruin Ⅱ

Fuku Akino1989 - 1989

Hamamatsu City Fuku Akino Art Museum

Hamamatsu City Fuku Akino Art Museum

These are ruins in the middle of the arid plains of the Kutch District in India. The clear cobalt blue sky, the pale, dry grass, and the dried, powder-like ochre earth reflect the fact that it has not rained in this region for 4 years. To the side of the decaying mausoleum in the center stands a stone pillar, while in front lies a statue of a cow, and inside stand images of a man and a woman. Across the unending plain that is almost dizzying in scale and the silent earth, there is only the blowing of the dry wind.

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  • Title: Ruin Ⅱ
  • Creator: Fuku Akino
  • Date: 1989 - 1989
  • Physical Dimensions: w275 x h127 cm
  • Type: color on paper,framed