São Cristóvão do Douro

Laura Marques2016

Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Porto

Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Porto

The built vernacular heritage is the fundamental expression of the identity of a community, in its relationship with the territory and, also, an expression of the cultural diversity of the world (ICOMOS, 1999: 341). In the settlements of Sabrosa, we find a systemic relationship between the noble architecture, derived from winegrowing, and the more vernacular architecture, telling of a diversified social structure sustained by the vineyard. In the council of Sabrosa, settlements like Provesende, Celeirós, Vilarinho de S. Romão, Paradelinha, S. Cristovão ou Gouvães, conserve examples of vernacular architecture of varied dimensions.

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  • Title: São Cristóvão do Douro
  • Creator: Laura Marques
  • Date: 2016
  • Location: São Cristóvão do Douro, Sabrosa, Portugal