Saddle with Chinese character "妙"

Matsumura Sakunojo Tametsugu1635

Tachibana Museum

Tachibana Museum

This saddle is considered to have been owned by the first or second lord of the Yanagawa domain. It shows features of Uminashi Suikan type which is slimmer than saddles for military use and has flat panels on its front and back.
It is made of wood, using a bar oak for both sides and a silk tree for the seat. The graceful designs are created with gold Maki-e lacquer work: the outer sides have a big kanji character “妙”, and the inner surfaces are decorated with water streams and plantains. It has a kao (stylized signature) of Matsumura Sakunojo Tametsugu. He was a vassal of the lord of the Iyouwajima domain and was known as a master of horsemanship. After his lord was deprived of the domain in 1613, he became a saddle craftsman.

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  • Title: Saddle with Chinese character "妙"
  • Creator: Matsumura Sakunojo Tametsugu
  • Date Created: 1635
  • Physical Dimensions: w居木長30.0 x h前輪高27.5 後輪高31.3 cm
  • Type: Arms & Armour

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