Saint Tai-girls: Aun-A-Piao of Betel Nut Angel+Fallen Angel (Mix)

Lin Taifong2008

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

Betelnut beauty is a specialty that belongs to Taiwan's local scene, and artist, Lin Taifong, has focused on this phenomenon and relates it to the issue of localized self-identification of the younger generation. Through the combination of betelnut beauty and retro game cards, Lin's work shows a return to the reality with a genuine approach. When the local retro game cards are fused with the latest international figurines, the two clashed cultures with a touch of nostalgia create a humorous and fascinating enjoyment to the work presented.

The restricted spirit and soul hold an anxiety towards the surrounding,
but at the same time yearn for the pursuit of the latest movement in trend.
Life goes on trying to release the unsatisfied trivial desire,
and the more dissatisfaction felt, the more intense the shameful pain is.
However, one can not help but to fall in love with this self-destructing thrill.
Please handle me with great care, because I am very fragile.

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  • Title: Saint Tai-girls: Aun-A-Piao of Betel Nut Angel+Fallen Angel (Mix)
  • Creator: Lin Taifong
  • Date: 2008
  • Type: paint, linen, wooden board, acrylic box,light tube, neo-light tube, cable wure
  • Medium: Paint, linen, wooden board, acrylic box, light tube, neo-light tube, cable wire
  • Location: HOT DOG TOYZ