Sake cup with maki-e design of Fuji-gawa river

Shirai Kakousai19th century, Edo period

Tachibana Museum

Tachibana Museum
Fukuoka-ken, Japan

This is a flat-shaped wine cup coated with vermillion lacquer. On the exterior surface, people ferrying across the Fuji-gawa river is depicted in flat maki-e design. The Tokugawa shogunate didn’t allow to build bridges over the major rivers for military reasons. It has an inscription of maki-e artist ‘Kakousai’ on the back side. This is probably one of the cup set depicting a different famous scenic view for each and a gift received from a superior.

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  • Title: Sake cup with maki-e design of Fuji-gawa river
  • Creator: Shirai Kakousai
  • Date Created: 19th century, Edo period
  • Physical Dimensions: Dia: 8.4cm H: 1.9cm
  • Type: Lacquerware