Sake cup with maki-e design of kanji character ‘Kotobuki’

Unknown19th century, Edo period

Tachibana Museum

Tachibana Museum
Fukuoka-ken, Japan

This cup has a flat gold maki-e design of a kanji character ‘壽’ on the vermillion lacquer ground. It has also some characters on the back side which read “written by Jikan” and “He died at the age of 128.” It is unclear who Jikan was but it is clear that he had a very long life. Therefore, it is assumed that someone who wished to follow Jikan’s long life ordered to make this cup adopting the kanji character written by Jikan for its motif.

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  • Title: Sake cup with maki-e design of kanji character ‘Kotobuki’
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 19th century, Edo period
  • Physical Dimensions: Dia:9.1 cm, H:2.2 cm
  • Type: Lacquerware