San Sebastiano's Temple

Leon Battista Alberti

Mantova Museo Urbano Diffuso

Mantova Museo Urbano Diffuso

Here, the winged putti are supporting the marquis coat of arms of the Gonzagas, which appears in the middle of a wreath. Debate still rages on about the artist behind these three valuable works. Of the numerous hypotheses, those particularly worthy of note are the illustrious example of Donatello, Fancelli on the design of Mantegna and Pellegrino Ardizzoni. Moreover, there is little agreement about the meaning of these sculptures. Nevertheless, scholars all agree about the quality of these works, which can probably be attributed to an original harmony between the various ways of understanding sculpture in the late 15th century.

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  • Title: San Sebastiano's Temple
  • Creator: Leon Battista Alberti