A mounted skeleton of Prolagus sardus, or Sardinian Pika, a species of pika found on the islands of Sardinia, Corsica and other nearby Mediterranean islands. It likely went extinct on the two larger islands during Roman times, but the last populations were driven to extinction in the late 1700s or early 1800s. They went extinct largely due to the introduction of new preators and competing species to their island ecosystems, as well as the diseases introduced by those competing species.


  • Title: Sardinian Pika
  • Location: Sardinia, Italy
  • Type: Skeleton
  • Rights: This image was obtained from the Smithsonian Institution. The image or its contents may be protected by international copyright laws. http://www.si.edu/termsofuse
  • External Link: View this object record in the Smithsonian Institution Collections Search Center
  • USNM Catalog Number(s): PAL167613
  • Scientific Name: <i>Prolagus sardus</i> (Wagner, 1832)
  • Photo Credit: Michael Brett-Surman, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History
  • Geologic Age: Cenozoic - Quaternary - Pleistocene
  • Field: Vetebrate Zoology


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