The surface of the copper pear-shaped satil has been decorated with different sized carved borders. There are human and zoomorf images on the middle, wide border, inscriptions with arabic graphics on the upper border. Other borders have been decorated with floral and geometrical ornaments. There is a handle on the upper part, attached with rings to the both sides.
The ghazal of Hafiz Shirazi has been written on it:
“God, I have to leave this world,
The sorrow is, the secret will be uncovered.
Wind, rise, we are the passengers of a ship,
Maybe we will meet again
The twelve-days old love of the world is a myph.
Friend, don’t retain of doing favour,
The wise one, praying is better than being alive.
Remember me, the poor one, some day,
The comfort of the two worlds is consist of two words
To be kind with friend, to go along with enemies.”

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  • Title: Satil
  • Creator: Unkown
  • Location: Azerbaijan. Lahij.
  • Medium: Metal/ Copper, carving