Seção diagonal

Marcius Galan2008


Brumadinho MG, Brazil

Seção diagonal (2008) proposes an active relation with the spectator, provoking an initial reaction of discovery and surprise, followed by a moment that can vary from enchantment to disillusion. The work is composed of basic elements and materials, normally found in the exhibition room and used in its construction: walls, ceiling and floor; paint, lights and wax. However, it proposes a displacement of our perception by suggesting the presence of an element which, ultimately, does not actually exist. The artwork transforms the space through the inclusion of a diagonal line that divides it, creating a field of color. In so doing, it blends with the exhibition room that precedes and shelters it – thus confusing our perception. Illusionism plays an important role in Marcius Galan’s work, whether in the skillful imitation of industrial objects through artisanal techniques, or in the imposing of physical and spatial relations that are strange to the materials, in a certain way transforming them. In Seção diagonal (2008), this interplay extrapolates both representation and the object, making the viewer reexamine his/her own existence in space. After experiencing the artwork once, there remains the fragile memory of that initial moment which, at least for a time, cannot be repeated.

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  • Title: Seção diagonal
  • Date Created: 2008
  • Multimedia artist: Marcius Galan
  • Type: Installation
  • Rights: Inhotim Collection, Brazil, Eduardo Eckenfels
  • Medium: Paint, wax, wood and light filters

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