Seated headless statuette: headless female figure, seated upright and clothed in a fringed skirt. Legs come straight down in front and are covered with fringed skirt. The figure is enormously fat like the others, but the body is thicker. The right arm is broken off just below the elbow, while the left lies on the left thigh. The breasts are represented as pendant. A long pig tail comes down the back and is curled around to the right. Above the breasts are 2 small perforations. The figure is evidently seated on a stool which is covered by a dress. Traces of red pigment are visible all over.

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  • Title: Seated Headless Figure
  • Date Created: -4500/-2500
  • Location: Hagar Qim Temples
  • Medium: Globigerina Limestone
  • Showcase room: Neolithic Display, Showcase 15
  • Photographed by: Stephen Psaila
  • Period: Temple Period
  • Inventory number: 21210