Shaman‘s Table

Culture Jama-Coaque500 B.C. - 1530

Museo Casa del Alabado

Museo Casa del Alabado
Quito, Ecuador

Plate supported by seven ancestor figures, or deities, dressed as members of the ruling class. To communicate the idea of abundance, the plate is decorated with a series of frogs, symbols of rain and fertility, and with beans, miraculous seeds that reproduce a thousand fold from each grain sown.

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  • Title: Shaman‘s Table
  • Creator: Culture Jama-Coaque
  • Date: 500 B.C. - 1530
  • Provenance: Ecuadorian North Coast, Ecuadorian North Coast
  • Physical Dimensions: w35.5 x h24.3 cm
  • Culture: Jama-Coaque
  • Type: Pottery
  • Rights: Museo Casa del Alabado. Inventoried by National Institute of Cultural Heritage of Ecuador (INPC), Museo Casa del Alabado
  • External Link: http://alabado.org/
  • Medium: Clay