Sheet music:The Work Song Walt Disney's Cinderella


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Beginning with the early musical short features he created, such as his "Silly Symphonies," Walt Disney began a tradition of publishing printed music for all the songs his musical films made popular. His firm eventually formed its own publishing house and then even its own record company to continue this practice. Disney's sheet music was typically simple to learn and play, which made it more appealing to his generally young audiences.

After Disney's success with "Snow White" in the late 1930s, the firms next few films were less than profitable on their first release. Nearly bankrupt, Disney gambled in the late 1940s, after World War II, on "Cinderella," and the three million dollar investment paid off. Critics and audiences alike praised the animated film. The music from "Cinderella" was the first to be published by Disney's own music publishing house, and the song "Oh Sing, Sweet Nightingale" was the first recording ever to utilize the technique of "overdubbing," in which a singer or group re-records in harmony with itself. Ilene Woods, who provided the voice of Cinderella, revealed this innovation in a later interview.

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  • Title: Sheet music:The Work Song Walt Disney's Cinderella
  • Date Created: 1948
  • Location: Burbank, CA
  • Subject Keywords: Walt Disney, Cinderella
  • Type: Entertainment and Music
  • Medium: printed paper
  • Object ID: 116.31