Shell Pendant

HohokamAD 1300 - 1450

Pueblo Grande Museum

Pueblo Grande Museum

Open diamond shaped pendant, manufactured from a Laevicardium shell. Diamond shape has nearly equal sides, interior was cut out, leaving a thin edge of shell to form the margins. Perforation is biconically drilled into one corner shank. Shell is chalky and eroded, off-white in color. This pendant was recovered from a compound room in a habitation area at the site of Pueblo Grande. Pueblo Grande was a large village located at the headgates of a major canal system. Occupied as early as AD 500, the site reached its greatest extent during the Classic Period. Museum Accession: 1996.17

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  • Title: Shell Pendant
  • Creator: Hohokam
  • Date: AD 1300 - 1450
  • Location: Pueblo Grande Archaeological Site, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • Type: shell


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