Studio Zanellato / Bortotto2016/2016

London Design Biennale

London Design Biennale

Mediterranean Sea. The white flag interprets a highly topical phenomenon, which is that of the migratory
flows that have long involved the Mediterranean and many other parts of the world.
The flag is a symbol of how entire populations have surrendered and have been forced
to abandon their land, their loved ones and their homes, when their only option
is to emigrate, often at the risk of losing their lives at sea. In a certain sense, also
advanced modern countries are involved in a sort of surrender, with the white flag acting
as a symbol of the way they have been caught unprepared for the need to cope with these
huge waves of migration. A further aspect to consider is the fact that a person fleeing
from war can only take a few items when they have to leave: medicines, some food,
a few memories and a phone. Most of what they own is left behind.
This is why the flag, and the resignation it represents, are replaced by a symbolic
bundle, made by folding the corners of the white fabric and fastening them to a wooden
stick that previously acted as a pole. Hope once again triumphs over surrender,
the bundle protects the few possessions that have been rescued and it becomes
a symbol of hope and the starting point for a new life elsewhere.

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  • Title: Shelter
  • Creator: Studio Zanellato / Bortotto
  • Date: 2016/2016
  • Type: Installation
  • Rights: Maria Pina Poledda
  • Medium: Folded sack

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