Shepherd with a Flute

Girolamo Savoldoabout 1525

The J. Paul Getty Museum

The J. Paul Getty Museum

The large figure of a shepherd sits before a darkening blue sky with a wide-brimmed hat shading his eyes. Resting his left arm on a staff, he holds a flute in his hand. With his right hand he gestures towards the rustic scene of a farmhouse partially obscured by ancient ruins looming behind. The shepherd's face seems to be a realistic portrait, and Giovanni Gerolamo Savoldo's detailed treatment of his clothing indicates how closely Savoldo studied his model. Whether the painting depicts a specific person is unclear. More probably, the musical shepherd was meant to idealize and celebrate the charms of pastoral life for a sophisticated urban audience. Paintings of this type became popular in Venice in the early 1500s, when pastoral poetry and drama also began to flower.

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