"Shop Early" ZIP Code Video

Post Office Departmentmid-1960s

Smithsonian's National Postal Museum

Smithsonian's National Postal Museum

"Shop Early" ZIP Code Campaign Public Service Announcement Video produced by the Post Office Department, mid-1960s.

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  • Title: "Shop Early" ZIP Code Video
  • Creator: Post Office Department
  • Date Created: mid-1960s
  • Transcript: ZIP Code Television Public Service Announcement “Shop Early” Transcript provided by Smithsonian National Postal Museum [Typing sounds] Narrator: Christmas mail control center, Washington, D.C. [Text]: W. Marvin Watson Postmaster General Watson: We have the people, the plans, and the equipment to deliver your holiday mail on time, but we still need your help. Please shop early, [Text]: Shop early Watson: mail early, [Text]: Mail early Watson: and use ZIP Code. [Text]: Use ZIP Code [End]
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