Shorty's Place, 206 South Main St, July 13, 1931, showing men standing and sitting at tables, some playing cards, pool tables in back. Man in white shirt with tie is C.J. "Bud" O'Conner, owner. After the annual pea feed Washburn-Wilson put on at the grange hall, the farmers came over to visit the pool hall at 2 pm. Some people identified include: Arnold Lyon, Earl Wagner, Henry Knapik, Manson, Ralph Cameron, Tim McGee, Hookey McGee, Gene O'Conner, Joe Tobin, Al Martin, Al Larsen on left side, front to back. On right side, front to back: Herb Martinson, John Jacksha, Otto Mortenson, Joe McGlaflin, Wagner, Roy Taylor, Ward Gano, John Cleary, C.J. O'Conner, John Chestnut, Glen Peterson, Staley, Ken Wallace, Joe Strang, Frank Modine, A.J. O'Conner,Charles Todd Crew, Fred Goetz, Charles Glasky. Jake Goetz, Phil Ivy

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  • Title: Shorty's Place
  • Creator: Charles Dimond
  • Date Created: 1931
  • Location: Moscow, Idaho
  • Subject Keywords: Shorty's, Pool Hall, Bud O'Connor, Bar, Moscow, Idaho
  • LCHS Object ID: 01-03-249