Silhouette: "Prehistoric Life"


U.S. Department of the Interior Museum

U.S. Department of the Interior Museum

This zinc silhouette is one of two that were created in the summer of 1939 specifically for the United States Geological Survey's alcove within the original exhibition of the U.S. Department of the Interior Museum. The silhouette is constructed from plate glass, chrome plating, molding, and zinc at an average cost of $35.31 per foot.The scene from left to right depicts a tree; two mastodons facing off against a saber-toothed tiger; a sauropod; a tyrannosaur; and a tree. The silhouette was displayed high in a backlit, recessed niche near the ceiling.

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  • Title: Silhouette: "Prehistoric Life"
  • Date Created: 1939
  • Physical Dimensions: H 15.5, W 95, D 2 inches
  • Provenance: INTR 02653
  • Subject Keywords: sauropod, tyrnannosaur, dinosaur, saber-tooted tiger, tree, paleontology, geology, biology, prehistory, mastodon, mammoth, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Type: Silhouette
  • Rights: U.S. Department of the Interior Museum
  • Medium: zinc, steel, wood