Siliquofera Grandis

Federica La Pietra

Regional Museum of Natural Sciences

Regional Museum of Natural Sciences

Orthoptera Tettigoniidae. This is a very large species, which has a big chitinous cap on the thorax ending with a tip above the wings. The male is not able to emit the characteristic song. This insect is predominantly chased by monkeys, lizards and insectivorous, as well as by collectors. Auditory organs are situated in the first pair of legs and are made of small dimples covered by a membrane rich in nerve endings, which receives sound waves transmiting them to the auditory nerve. Pietro Castellano collection.

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  • Title: Siliquofera Grandis
  • Creator: Federica La Pietra
  • Location: Turin, Italy
  • Provenance: Papua New Guinea
  • Type: insect
  • Medium: entomology