Silver baby's feeding spoon owned by hidden child

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Silver infant's feeding spoon given to 3 year old Elzbieta Lusthaus by her maternal grandmother, Sophie Lieberman Schiff, when they were living in Tarnow, Poland, which was occupied by Nazi Germany in September 1939. On June 11, 1942, the Germans came to the house searching for Jews to deport to the concentration camps. Four year old Elzbieta hid, but her grandmother was taken by the Germans and shipped to Belzec killing center. Elzbieta and her mother, Helena, fled Tarnow and assumed false identities as Barbara and Maria Stachura, Polish Catholics, sheltered by Kazimierz and Genowefa Bandyrowa, a Catholic family in Milanowek. They kept the spoons and other items given to Elzbieta by her grandmother through all their travels. The area was liberated in January 1945. In May, Helena paid to have them smuggled into Czechoslovakia. They went to Vienna and stayed for six weeks at the Rothschild hospital, moved to a displaced persons camp in Germany and then to a sanatorium for malnourished children in Strueth. A medical inspection team toured the camp in May 1945. Helena recognized a man as a friend of her husband, Edmund, a doctor. He told her Edmund was alive and they were reunited with him in Italy where he was serving with the 2nd Polish Corps, British Army. In December 1946, the family emigrated to Great Britain.

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  • Title: Silver baby's feeding spoon owned by hidden child
  • Provenance: The baby spoon was donated to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in 2012 by Elizabeth Lusthaus Strassburger, the granddaughter of Sophie Lieberman Schiff.
  • Subject Keywords: Hidden children (Holocaust)--Poland--Biography. Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)--Poland--Personal narratives, Jewish. Jewish children in the Holocaust--Poland--Biography. Jewish families--Poland--Biography. Jews--Rescue--Poland--Biography. Righteous Gentiles in the Holocaust--Poland--Biography.
  • Type: Household Utensils
  • Rights: Permanent Collection
  • External Link: See the full record at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • Medium: Small, tarnished silver baby's feeding spoon with a shallow, round bowl with a flat rim. The neck narrows, expands into a scroll shape and curves into the beveled stem which widens into a flat, hour glass shaped handle with a slightly rounded tip. There are 3 hallmarks, worn from use, stamped on the handle back: an oval with a man's head in left profile; a cinquefoil lobed design with a woman's head in right profile, possibly a Diana kopf or Diana' head mark, used from 1872-1922, on .800 silver standard pieces, and an oval with, perhaps, a flower.