Silver Cup

Unknown Creator1608/1608

Lynn Museum

Lynn Museum

Bowl of silver cup; sterling silver, shape of rounded cone, tapers deeply towards the bottom, originally attached to footed stem, this is missing; distorted deep crack in the rim, covered by iron deposits from the soil; part of the Dersingham hoard believed hidden during the English Civil War. This cup contained a hoard of 129 silver shillings from the reigns of Phillip and Mary, Elizabeth I, James I, and Charles I. The cup was buried on the estate of Sir Valentine Pell, a Parliamentary supporter (1586-1658). It is unlikely that the cup and its contents represent money buried by Sir Valentine as the sum, although considerable for the era, is not very large for a prosperous landowner, and the damaged cup is not likely to have come from his household. It would also be surprising that he never recovered the cup since he was the winning side. Perhaps the cup represents military back pay, or loot, damaged in the taking, or divided with another party who took the cup stem and foot.

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  • Title: Silver Cup
  • Creator: Unknown Creator
  • Date: 1608/1608
  • Location association: King's Lynn
  • Display Type: Reserve collections
  • Type: Cup
  • Medium: Silver