Sliding doors


Romantic Museum

Romantic Museum

"In the XIX century wealthy people houses there were a distinction between public rooms, also thought as representation areas as the dining-room or the living-room to receive guests or private and personal ones as bed-rooms. They also distinguished between rooms for males as the office, library or smoke room and the ones used for women.

Bed-rooms were divided in two different rooms for different purposes. From one hand bed-room, with bad, belonged to the private space, on the other the sitting-room mainly used for women, where they received their guests, of restricted used.

The separation between these two spaces usually was done through sliding doors that in certain moments let their residents preserve their privacy. These ones separated the sitting-room and the Elizabethan bed-room of Can Llopis, present Romantic Museum of Sitges, and they are decorated with hand painted landscape from an unknown author."

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  • Title: Sliding doors
  • Creator: Anonymous
  • Date Created: 1850/1875
  • Physical Dimensions: 25.8 x 33.5 cm (each panel)
  • Type: Furniture
  • Medium: Lacquered wood, glass and gouache on paper