Small and Big Lions

Yu Xianglian and Wang Nanxian2003

China Intangible Heritage Industry Alliance

China Intangible Heritage Industry Alliance

Lions, a fierce beast of prey, have been seen as the symbol of power and the talisman of warding off all evil beings in the Chinese culture. Therefore, statues of lions have been favorable choices by both the royal and civilian families to guard the gates.
This piece shows a scene of a chubby toddler, sitting on the back of a large lion with an embroidered silk ball in hand, playing with the small lion in front of him. The combination of lions and embroidered silk balls signifies fortunes and happiness, while the group of big and small lions conveys wishes for “plenty of offspring”.

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  • Title: Small and Big Lions
  • Creator: Yu Xianglian and Wang Nanxian
  • Date: 2003
  • Type: Huishan Clay Figurine
  • Physical format: 29x23cm