Snail Housetrap

INDEX: Design to Improve Life®

INDEX: Design to Improve Life®

Every year, house owners all over the world have their gardens infected by snails who eat vegetables and flowers and generally bother garden enthusiasts.

The Snail Housetrap is a buried trap attracting snails with a concentrated odor bait making mollusks fall into a container, surrounded by a cooper strip from where they cannot get out because it gives them a minimum electric shot. If snails don’t fall into the container they are dragged up to the cover and stay adhered to the trap, because they find a perfect ambient to rest, protected from direct sun.

Different colors used allow the generation of a codification that shows the date of planting and determinates the date of bait changing for each trap. Use of brightening colors help to recognize the location of the trap.

The main idea of the Snail Housetrap is to put together two activities that had never been connected before: the extermination of a massive plague using toxic products, and the recollection of soil snails as a raw material.

The Snail Housetrap avoids the use of toxic baits that may contaminate the environment, by using natural and concentrated baits that attract the mollusk. Also, the “Snail Housetrap” replaces the individual manual recollection, by establishing a massive one.

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  • Title: Snail Housetrap
  • External Link: Snail Housetrap - INDEX: Design to Improve Life® website
  • Sustainable Development Goals targeted: Sustainable Cities & Communities
  • INDEX: Award Cycle: 2005
  • INDEX: Award Category: Home
  • Driver(s) of Change: Entrepeneurship
  • Designed By: Andrea Arrau García
  • Country of Design : Chile