Song Ta, Uglier and Uglier(宋拓《校花》)

Song Ta(宋拓)2012

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

Song Ta’s works often appear as anti-material conceptual ploys, unconcerned with visual aesthetics as they revel in art’s power to tease all higher objectives. "Uglier and Uglier" is a video that collects portraits of female students at a single university; Song Ta then uses his own aesthetic standard to arrange the portraits in order of increasing unattractiveness, in a film designed to be exactly as long as the museum’s opening hours. Confronted with the work, viewers are subjected to the artist’s right to partiality.(宋拓的作品像是一种去物化的观念艺术,他并不在意视觉美学的锤炼,而是在享受艺术可以挑逗一切宗旨的权利。《校花》是一部记录某所大学女生肖像的录像,宋拓依据自己的美学标准,将她们从美到丑排序播放,片长被剪辑成开馆时间的长度,观众在作品前无法享有均等的权利。)

This artwork was featured in the UCCA exhibition "ON | OFF: China’s Young Artists in Concept and Practice, ” 2013
作品出自UCCA展览“ON │ OFF: 中国年轻艺术家的观念与实践”,2013

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  • Title: Song Ta, Uglier and Uglier(宋拓《校花》)
  • Creator: Song Ta(宋拓)
  • Date: 2012
  • Location: UCCA 中展厅(UCCA Central Gallery)
  • Type: video
  • Rights: http://ucca.org.cn/exhibition/onoff
  • Medium: Video, 425’00


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