Sovereign coin of George III

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Coin. Sovereign. One of Nine of original catalogue are of the fourth issue of George III. Obv.: GEORGIUS III D:G: BRITANNIAR: REX F:D: and the date 1817 (upon four) or 1820 (upon five). Laureated bust to right. Rev.: St. George and the Dragon, surrounded by the Garter, with the motto HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE. Signed B(enedetto) P(istrucci). The remaining sovereign is of the first type of George IV. Obv.: GEORGIUS IIII D: G: BRITANNIAR : REX F: D: Laureated bust to left. Rev.: St. George and the Dragon, with date 1821 in the exergue. Both sides signed B(enedetto) P(istrucci). Diam. 7/8 inch. Bequeathed by the late E. S. Dove, Esq. Originally catalogues with V&A no. 437-96, 437B-96 and 437I-96.

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  • Title: Sovereign coin of George III
  • Type: coin

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